As you may have noticed we are currently modernizing, enhancing and rebranding our overall image via updates to our homepage and other media-instances, this is done to match our ambitions and plans for the remainder of this year, as well as next year and the overal future.

We have a plan, a vision and the best crew imaginable for turning this vision and plan into something factual and real. Currently we are in the midst of executing the lunch-phase, so for now information will be sparse and not much insights will be granted, but rest assured that “things are happening” and once we launch, momentum will be gained quickly

Much remains as you know it from the past, but major changes will be announced as well, there will be new names and faces, at least new “sailing under the Esimed flag”

What we can share is that we are aiming to make a comeback on the Esports scene, bigger faster and better than ever before, we have invested time, thoughts and liquidity into turning every ounce of ambition into reality.

More details cannot be given at this momemnt, but will be announced shortly, for now we ask you all to stay tuned, and keep an eye on the upcoming announcements and changes.

The Esimed Management Team

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